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Access Bank Loan Campaign

We were approached by the clients agency -Imaginarium creative Agency to interprete a couple of scripts visually to drive home the message of the clients mobile banking product. Nigeria is a multilingual country and the brand wanted to connect with all their audiences as locally as possible using local/ regional influencers and cultural undertones.

We have to film for the west, North, east and southern regions. The videos were pegged for digital so of course we had the budget constraint to truly fly out to these regions for production. We had to make it work somehow.
We found a way to interprete the west, south and eastern videos in Lagos Nigeria, luckily because they were indoor shoots as scripted. The challenge was the north. It required an outdoor filming. Northern Nigeria has a peculiar look, feel, and design. We could never simulate the north on the streets of Lagos. The colors of their Taxis were different, the look of the people, their dressing, the type of houses or fences you would find was completely absent in Lagos. We had to travel somewhere closest than the actual Northern Nigeria.

We opted to go to Ilorin, Kwara state. The closest place to Lagos that shared some outdoor aesthetics with Northern Nigeria that was needed to tell our stories. Due to the availability of our celebrities we split the videos. Shot North and South videos in Ilorin, then filmed West and East in Lagos.
We had a 2 weeks timeline to deliver the videos from pre production to final video.

We recorded ADR of all the celebrities on set of their production as a safe take. We had a full online editing suite working on the go as we were filming. The motion design team were working from the office simultaneously in order to meet our deadline. Cleaning up of audio, sound design, editing, translation and subtitling. It was clock work and a ton of late nights. We got it done and delivered. When clients are happy we are happy. That’s what we live for.

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