Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards Unveil the 2015 Nominees list

  • September 08, 2015
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Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards (JLFA) in collaboration with Jaguar Lagos unveiled the list of nominees for 2015 Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards recently at Maison Fahrenheit Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The unveiling cocktail party, sponsored by international brand G.H Mumm, was attended Top personalities  in both the fashion and music industry such as Fomer Head of Chocolate City, Audu Maikori, Funmi St. Matthew Daniel of Jumia Fashion, and Taiwo Okunoren of the Okunoren menswear brand to mention but a few.

The Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards recognizes and celebrates innovative professionals in the Nigerian fashion scene. The awards were created in response to the absence of indigenous platforms highlighting and rewarding the efforts and skills set in the local fashion industry.

According to the Creative Director of Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards Bolaji Animashaun, “We’re pleased to partner with a brand that recognizes the burgeoning Lagos fashion scene and highlights the continuous efforts of the local fashion industry. This couldn’t have happened at a better time especially now that Lagos has gained standing as one of the global fashion capitals.”



“The finalists of the Jaguar Lagos Fashion Awards were selected solely on the criteria of Innovation: their ability to cover new ground and open new frontiers in their fields; Performance: how well they are able to transmute their ideas into commercially viable and critically successful products and Design: an attention to distinction in process, detailing and workmanship. Notable designers and industry persons were recognized in the categories of Men’s wear, Women’s wear, Accessories, emerging designers, High street retailers brands, Luxury Retail brands, Model of the Year, Fashion Creators, Fashion Influencers and Best Media Campaign, among others”.

Check out the Nominees below.

Womenswear Designer Nominees
A leading Nigerian ready-to-wear designer who has been instrumental in enhancing women’s fashion in the past year.
– Maki Oh
– Lisa Folawiyo
– Ejiro Amos-Tafiri
– Ituen Basi

Menswear Designer Nominees
A leading Nigerian designer of ready-to-wear who has been instrumental in enhancing men’s fashion in the past year.
– Okunoren
– Mai Atafo
– Orange Culture

Accessories Designer Nominees
An innovative and directional designer of shoes, jeweler, millinery or accessories within the past year who has been instrumental in enhancing accessories within fashion.
– Post Imperial
– Zashadu
– Shem Paronelli

Emerging Designer Nominees
An innovative and directional designer who is emerging as a growing force in Nigerian women’s wear or men’s wear.
– Kenneth Ize
– Gozel Green

High Street Retailer/Brand Nominees
Special recognition award for a retailer that has made a particularly special or unique difference to the retail landscape stimulating interest and encouraging new partners to work together.
– Grey Velvet
– Eve and Tribe

Luxury Retailer Nominees
Special recognition award for a retailer that has made a particularly special or unique difference to the retail landscape stimulating interest and encouraging new partners to work together.
– Alara
– Temple Muse
– Polo Avenue
– Poosh

Fashion Influencer Nominees
An individual who most embodies the spirit of Nigerian fashion and has been instrumental in the growth of Nigeria as a creative fashion capital.
– Dumebi Iyamah
– Amaka Osakwe
– Omoyemi Akerele

Model of the Year Nominees
A Nigerian model who has contributed most to the local and international fashion scene in the past year.
– Mayowa Nicholas
– Adeola Ariyo
– Opeyemi Awoyemi
– Victor Ndigwe

Fashion Creator
A professional that has advanced the industry using their skill or craft over the last year
– Bimpe Ogunmakin
– Lakin Ogunbanwo
– Victor Ehikhamenor

Style Icon
An individual who most embodies the spirit of and is an international style ambassador for Nigerian fashion.
-Nkiru Anumudu
-Eku Edewor
-Lisa Folawiyo

Best Campaign
Recognition of an outstanding media campaign that encompasses originality in its message from concept to execution
– House of Tara “Color Burst” Tokyo James, Temidayo Akingbe
– Polo Avenue “ Style with Substance” Dimeji Alara, Lakin Ogunbanwo
– CLAN “Classics” Teni Sagoe, Lakin Ogunbanwo

Fashion Stylist
Recognition for outstanding work in personal and campaign styling over the last year.
Bubu Ogisi
Veronica Odeka
Dimeji Alara
Tokyo James

Fashion Photographer
A photographer who has distinguished himself through original, ground breaking work in the local and international scene over the last year.
Lakin Ogunbanwo
Seye Isikalu
Ade Asiko
Remi Adetiba

New Media Influencer
An innovator who has channeled the possibilities of new media as a tool to promote authentic style over the last year
Yagazie Emezi
Abisola Kola Daisi
Lisa Folawiyo

Red Carpet Designer
A innovative and directional designer who has distinguished themselves through bespoke design for formal events.
Toju Foyeh
Weiz Dhurm Franklyn
April by Kunbi

Lifetime Achievement Recognition
Celebrating the cumulative achievements of a designer(s) and their efforts towards advancing Nigeria as a global fashion capital.
Deola Sagoe
Ere Dappa
Tiffany Amber

NDI & USAID Announces Stephanie Linus As Ambassador for the ‘Stop Violence Against Women In Elections’ Campaign

  • September 04, 2015
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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the National Democratic Institute (NDI), a US-based International Agency recently Nollywood actress and producer Stephanie Linus as the Ambassador for the ‘Stop Violence Against Women In Elections’ Campaign.

Violence Against Women in Elections Campaign (VAWIE)  is a project that seeks to create public awareness on various forms of violence against women before, during and after elections in Nigeria, which often militates their active participation in the electoral process.

The event was attended by the acting  Chairman Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)  Hajiya Amina Zakari, Former Deputy Governor of Plateau state Mrs Pauline Tallen, the NDI Country Director Jasper Veen, Team Leader of Democracy and Governance USAID Blair King, a representative of the Inspector General of Police Solomon Arase amongst others.
This project which is funded by the USAID is an initiative of the NDI in partnership with the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA). Ahead of the Kogi and Bayelsa gubernatorial elections, Stephanie as an ambassador will create awareness around the project and elicit the support of different segments of society to report cases of violence against women and bring an end to this menace.

Check out photos below.


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  • September 04, 2015
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EVE- In praise of her offspring 



The need to express compels one to paint, photograph, write or relate via whatever media, those things that strike you most in life.
The constant exchange with the reality of life for an artist being one with a keen sense for observation and contemplation opens him to debate life as it should, as it may and ultimately let his thoughts out for others to weigh without fear.
I have titled this piece of “expression Eve”-in praise of her offspring and entire lineage. The girl child, the girlfriend, the wife, the mother and all the Eves in our lives.


From some religious point of view, the mention Eve suggests, fall, deceit, vulnerability, disobedience, and most importantly the “bearer of life”…which may just be the only truth of all suggestions.
A closer look at the female gender has all sorts to suggest, and it varies as may be perceived based on heritage, culture, religion, and exposure.

I make bold to say, despite some who may disagree, just about every thought that crosses the mind of man at the sight of a woman is sexual. We may excuse the Pope…

But without fear of what you may think

I am happy to say with the widest and silliest grin on my face that I love women-and for everything, nothing excluded…absolutely everything even when she nags.

I must say that being a woman is a lot of work, you couldn’t be one without the grace to be one. A lot has been dealt the woman in a male dominated world such as ours and it appears women haven’t had a good deal so far.

Seemingly as the sexes appear to be at war, fighting over authority, acceptance and just name it, one thing remains that we don’t fight about…SEX…save the tournament of passionate love making, the one thing we agree on is what makes her let her guard down and its where we hurt her the most.


A woman is like a flower that blossoms in beauty and tenderness and full of desire but she has been hurt, she probably wants a better deal than she’s getting right now.

To think that some people will ever think they reserve the right to dictate to a woman what to do as though she doesn’t have a mind of her own is an indication of rust in the mind we carry as men.
You want to tell her what to wear, where to go, what to say, and sadly who to be.
The same thing that makes her desirable is what makes her vulnerable.
Without regard for the girl child one man in 3 piece suits stands in the middle of 12 girls with just pants and brazier in deliberate merchandising to demonstrate his power, influence, access and fondness with the beautiful accessories of life ..Then comes “the man wey holy pass” , he wants to dictate how much of her body she reveals…all to the same end- CONTROL, “let us control the one that is meant for us to control”, the woman! So in one end of the world we try to cover her up while in the other we struggle to save her from suffocation.

In my rather disjointed flow of thoughts I know the woman has the most interesting landscape…as a photographer, I know, ask around…or try to make images of one.

Eve can decide to have an extra bone asides one she’s “given to” but loose face with family and society while Adam can have 12 bones and back louder even in all glory and majesty.

And now to the grace behind a man making exploits, the peace at home, the hustling feet on the paths of life, at home is a knee sunk in the hard floors devoted to guidance and prosperity.

For every successful man, for every man of conquest, lies behind a mother, a wife, a girlfriend or a mistress…the roles are never defined but ends up giving more than everyone.
The bearer of the races of the world, carriers of the destiny of nations and humanity is who every girl child is.
And the same strength becomes a weakness, quick to trust and quick to break but suffers long in love.

I have 2 immediate women in my life, a wife and a little girl. Then I have another 5 including siblings and mum, all wonderful souls.

My coast of women expands everyday, I was told when you have a daughter you’ll begin to see women and the entire world differently, yes its true, now I wonder how the sons of men will deal with my angel, in truth, or yes in truth I pray.

The world is not ready to change just yet my darling, its still the Adams world but you will make it through.

I remember she did get a great deal with the apple and the serpent…but deals go bad a times.

I love my women, I am committed to making the world a better place for them.

Be kind and gentle to the woman you meet, don’t traffic her, don’t sell her, don’t violate her, don’t take her for granted, don’t make her another bad deal, she was the girl child endowed with innocence…now a woman, she wants her voice not in battle but in peace.
Yinka Obebe is a creative writer who is passionate about giving people a voice through his words, Eve poem was written in 2013 to appreciate women in our society. A Photographer, TV Director, father of 2, husband of 1 and a lover of women, in awe and purity of innocence.


Title : Eve
Project : The Black Whisper collection 2013
Photography and Words : Yinka Obebe
Model : Mz Chichi Francisca Nwachukwu
Styling : Chichi and Yinka Obebe
Fabrics : Marayah.O
Makeup :Yak84
Production Assistant : Kolawole Black
Studio : RedboxNigeria



Some months back, My usual every day journey to the Island, I always go through Obalende to take a bus going towards Ajah. Right in the Ajah Park, I saw this handsome looking young man neatly dressed  in shirt,  trousers, well polished shoes. He spoke correct English with the words not written  in the dictionary.

Appealing to passengers in the vehicle to give him transport fare  to meet up with his morning  lectures scheduled for 9am at University of Lagos popularly known as (UNILAG).

I saw the same young guy in the evening, This time his story changed from being a student on an unknown journey to Akure. “Good evening  Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Anuoluwapo, I need 2,000 naira to complete my transport fare to Akure, My mum is sick and need to take  a bus urgently. God bless you all”. Some people gave him money, while some just ignored him. I used my maths brain to quickly calculate how much he collected  from 10 passengers in the bus is more than his transport allowance.

I felt he exploited innocent Nigerians, discussed this impending issue with my colleagues to know everyone’s opinion.  Someone suggested that when next I see him, I should tell people in the bus not to give him money, How is that possible? I said to them.

In the evening, I spotted this “sophisticated beggar”, He cooked up another story that he was robbed at Obalende bus top, I braved up , ask him some questions, before I knew it, he ran away.

One little advice to fellow youths out there, don’t expect to get that dream job of yours after you graduate from the University.  Don’t get me wrong, some people do immediately after National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). If you are lucky to get a job in line with your profession, small pay, go for it, you never can tell, from that small salary of 40,000 naira to salary of 100,000 naira. The popular saying “A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave”. Laziness is one major issue that youths need to deal with to succeed in life.

By Olubukunola Femi-Dagunro




I have come to a conclusion that it is a fact that a huge percentage of Nigerian young people may be UNEMPLOYABLE and even when they have a job, they may not be able to KEEP THE JOB long enough to build a career.

Besides the first 2 instances above, a 3rd section of Nigerian youths are those who happily remain on a job even when they know they are not adding value. I thought one was meant to be uncomfortable if you got paid for a value you weren’t giving back in exchange.

The state of our country has to a large extent determined the kind of youths it breeds, and home training isn’t enough, as the external influences affect the father and the mother alike…which means a child born into such a time as this simply glides on through the hustle to survive.

The paramount goal has become money and money alone…and anything to get the “getby” money. But people who have built successful empires know that you need far more than money. True to life, money brings it all together, sets a stage but it doesn’t run the works.

In my rather budding journey into the entrepreneurial world I have met the 80% totally unemployable as well as I have been privileged to meet some of the 20% built to succeed youths. Both from the same Nigeria.

I remember a young man who used to work with me once a while, back in the day as an assistant say once or twice a month…i used to give him some money anytime we work. So i decided to ask him if he wanted to do this permanently and i pay him monthly…He came back with his demands, he wanted about 60k a month and 7k everyday whenever we go out to work. I told him it was a good demand but i could not afford that. Fast forward about 2 years later I called him for another freelance assist job…within the 2 years he had made it a point of duty to buzz me on bbm every month about work…talking about how broke he was and he needed money…now 2 years later I needed to do something quickly and had to get an extra hand…so on my way to the location I picked him up at a petrol station…He was excited, got into the car. “Bros long time o…i don dey see your work every where o, na you o”. I said thank you, na God. Then he landed me the shocker “but bros na this your car you still dey drive, I think say you for don buy jeep na…but bros you need jeep for this you level o, you suppose don buy jeep na” I said no, I never buy jeep, when I work enough to make the money I will buy it. We got to work, he was same old guy, I think I gave him 10k for carrying the bags and equipment that day and his eyes lighted up like I gave him a million Naira.

I spent many months after thinking about this young man’s state of mind. I haven’t worked with him again after that time…its been almost another 2 years now. And the last time we were chatting, he was still the same guy. No added skills, nothing new.

We must understand that
value is the only thing we can exchange for whatever value we also want. No one gives something without value in exchange. When you work for someone, you give value and he is bound to return value.

To make demand, we must have supplied value. And while many young people run away from being “used”, look around, only those that have been used often become of value even to themselves.

Look around, people who fall into money often fall out of it, without a solid vision you can hardly sustain any endeavor to success.

The amount of passion and persistence required to succeed in this clime is totally out of this world, it’s not business as usual. You have no idea what it takes to sow a seed, and watch it grow, and every vocation or endeavor requires that painful process.

People have said a lot about the degenerating society we live in, the insensitive display of wealth and affluence.The fake realities many people paint have been blamed for the skewed mindset of younger people. Many have argued that this is responsible for the unemployable state, but I have found that within all the chaos, many young people have grabbed their future by the horns, they have decided to look their fears in the eye, they have taken time to understand that these things don’t jump on you and neither do you fall into breakthroughs.

Credible initiatives like THE FUTURE AWARDS have in no small measure affected and helped to provoke and unveil a brand new league of young people who will reach their dreams. There are many other people working hard at reshaping the future of the young nigerian which I may not know.

I also want to thank employers who have staked out huge part of their life and entrepreneurial struggle to develop young people, they have tamed hot heads, massaged into shape like skilled potters, and have produced employees who have gone to hold their own in bigger spaces adding value and others have gone on to become employers in their own rights.

We may not all be destined to become employers or entrepreneurs but we are without doubt charged with the mandate to fulfil our destinies wherever we may have found ourselves. We must add value, give value, sow value if we ever want to reap value.

It is however at the risk of the nigerian youth to choose his own path…he’s going to become an old man soon. And he can only look back at what he could have done with his life.

There is an absolute need for a genuine presence of mind. Don’t let the system hold your balls and squeeze at will.
Whenever you succumb to the popular opinion about “making” it, you are getting your balls squeezed. And that is damn painful.

Look around at people who have made legit success out of their lives, they may not be the most popular people, but take your time to study them.

Finally nothing just happens, you must plant and the seed will grow…but it will take time…how long I don’t know…but it is worth waiting for.

Yinka Obebe
Lead Creative Director/CEO RedboxAfrica.