9mobile Magic Hour Promo

In February 2019, 9mobile a foremost Nigerian Telecommunication company launched her Magic Hour Promotion. They wanted a TVC that celebrated hope and the tenacity of a Nigerian in the most emotive way. They wanted to keep it very simple. The brands team shared their idea and we developed a treatment for their story and executed the same. The execution of this TVC took us to a remote town in Ogun state, called Ikenne. We spent 3 days there with the entire brand team, cast and crew. We flew in a Director and a DOP from South Africa to execute this. It was such an adventure. This TVC was created to enable cross platform adaptation. The challenge was to find the right environment, ambience and view to interprete the immediate twist of faith that can happen to their customers if they partook in the promo. It was almost unachievable in the city. We had to travel to a town in a different state within Nigeria.


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