In 2017, Union bank one of the biggest and most respected banks in Nigeria clocked 100 years old. They wanted to make a video that told the story of how they are a bank for everybody, young, old, and indeed a bank for every echelon.

They approached us with a brief, In response we shared our direction with the brand team and suggested we have real people in the video. It wasn't hard to find real people who gladly agreed to be part of the video and coincidentally already banked with Union Bank.
We auditioned Film Makers, Tailors, Fruit sellers, Pilots and Painters, Lawyers, Actors, Barbers to name a few, then brought them into the studio for a 2 day filming. It was quite exciting to working with so many diverse people, teaching them the dance routine was hilarious and not as hard as we envisaged, everyone had a move.
Our task was to make a simple video that communicated a simple message, we decided to play around simple stop motion while keeping the video very simple. We shot on the RED Cinema Camera, and cut on on Adobe Premiere.

The Video


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