ETISALAT, Nigeria's most innovative tech company wanted to launch an upgrade on their easycliq product with a new campaign. They wanted to do something different, they realized a TVC was not enough and they wanted to break down the messaging of the campaign on digital. They reached out to us with two words, “BREAK FREE” and we delivered to them a 13week content plan.

We were asked to create videos that will explain the campaign theme Break Free. We held brainstorm sessions to understand how to pass the message across. The campaign Ad already approached BREAKFREE from a physical angle, we wanted to create something with a more profound meaning, call to thoughts with true to life scenarios.
We also wanted to create imaging with very strong signature looks. so we decided to colour code the props and the backgrounds. It was quite experimental and fun at the same time. Paint Everywhere. Most of the imaging was shot in slo-mo.
We shot a series of 4 videos in one day and delivered within the following week. It was one of the most time-intensive projects we ever worked on because the campaign had to launch with the videos.
Here are the videos:

Be Skillful

Be Different

Be Creative

Be Unpredictable


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