• September 04, 2015
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EVE- In praise of her offspring 



The need to express compels one to paint, photograph, write or relate via whatever media, those things that strike you most in life.
The constant exchange with the reality of life for an artist being one with a keen sense for observation and contemplation opens him to debate life as it should, as it may and ultimately let his thoughts out for others to weigh without fear.
I have titled this piece of “expression Eve”-in praise of her offspring and entire lineage. The girl child, the girlfriend, the wife, the mother and all the Eves in our lives.


From some religious point of view, the mention Eve suggests, fall, deceit, vulnerability, disobedience, and most importantly the “bearer of life”…which may just be the only truth of all suggestions.
A closer look at the female gender has all sorts to suggest, and it varies as may be perceived based on heritage, culture, religion, and exposure.

I make bold to say, despite some who may disagree, just about every thought that crosses the mind of man at the sight of a woman is sexual. We may excuse the Pope…

But without fear of what you may think

I am happy to say with the widest and silliest grin on my face that I love women-and for everything, nothing excluded…absolutely everything even when she nags.

I must say that being a woman is a lot of work, you couldn’t be one without the grace to be one. A lot has been dealt the woman in a male dominated world such as ours and it appears women haven’t had a good deal so far.

Seemingly as the sexes appear to be at war, fighting over authority, acceptance and just name it, one thing remains that we don’t fight about…SEX…save the tournament of passionate love making, the one thing we agree on is what makes her let her guard down and its where we hurt her the most.


A woman is like a flower that blossoms in beauty and tenderness and full of desire but she has been hurt, she probably wants a better deal than she’s getting right now.

To think that some people will ever think they reserve the right to dictate to a woman what to do as though she doesn’t have a mind of her own is an indication of rust in the mind we carry as men.
You want to tell her what to wear, where to go, what to say, and sadly who to be.
The same thing that makes her desirable is what makes her vulnerable.
Without regard for the girl child one man in 3 piece suits stands in the middle of 12 girls with just pants and brazier in deliberate merchandising to demonstrate his power, influence, access and fondness with the beautiful accessories of life ..Then comes “the man wey holy pass” , he wants to dictate how much of her body she reveals…all to the same end- CONTROL, “let us control the one that is meant for us to control”, the woman! So in one end of the world we try to cover her up while in the other we struggle to save her from suffocation.

In my rather disjointed flow of thoughts I know the woman has the most interesting landscape…as a photographer, I know, ask around…or try to make images of one.

Eve can decide to have an extra bone asides one she’s “given to” but loose face with family and society while Adam can have 12 bones and back louder even in all glory and majesty.

And now to the grace behind a man making exploits, the peace at home, the hustling feet on the paths of life, at home is a knee sunk in the hard floors devoted to guidance and prosperity.

For every successful man, for every man of conquest, lies behind a mother, a wife, a girlfriend or a mistress…the roles are never defined but ends up giving more than everyone.
The bearer of the races of the world, carriers of the destiny of nations and humanity is who every girl child is.
And the same strength becomes a weakness, quick to trust and quick to break but suffers long in love.

I have 2 immediate women in my life, a wife and a little girl. Then I have another 5 including siblings and mum, all wonderful souls.

My coast of women expands everyday, I was told when you have a daughter you’ll begin to see women and the entire world differently, yes its true, now I wonder how the sons of men will deal with my angel, in truth, or yes in truth I pray.

The world is not ready to change just yet my darling, its still the Adams world but you will make it through.

I remember she did get a great deal with the apple and the serpent…but deals go bad a times.

I love my women, I am committed to making the world a better place for them.

Be kind and gentle to the woman you meet, don’t traffic her, don’t sell her, don’t violate her, don’t take her for granted, don’t make her another bad deal, she was the girl child endowed with innocence…now a woman, she wants her voice not in battle but in peace.
Yinka Obebe is a creative writer who is passionate about giving people a voice through his words, Eve poem was written in 2013 to appreciate women in our society. A Photographer, TV Director, father of 2, husband of 1 and a lover of women, in awe and purity of innocence.


Title : Eve
Project : The Black Whisper collection 2013
Photography and Words : Yinka Obebe
Model : Mz Chichi Francisca Nwachukwu
Styling : Chichi and Yinka Obebe
Fabrics : Marayah.O
Makeup :Yak84
Production Assistant : Kolawole Black
Studio : RedboxNigeria