Some months back, My usual every day journey to the Island, I always go through Obalende to take a bus going towards Ajah. Right in the Ajah Park, I saw this handsome looking young man neatly dressed  in shirt,  trousers, well polished shoes. He spoke correct English with the words not written  in the dictionary.

Appealing to passengers in the vehicle to give him transport fare  to meet up with his morning  lectures scheduled for 9am at University of Lagos popularly known as (UNILAG).

I saw the same young guy in the evening, This time his story changed from being a student on an unknown journey to Akure. “Good evening  Ladies and Gentlemen, My name is Anuoluwapo, I need 2,000 naira to complete my transport fare to Akure, My mum is sick and need to take  a bus urgently. God bless you all”. Some people gave him money, while some just ignored him. I used my maths brain to quickly calculate how much he collected  from 10 passengers in the bus is more than his transport allowance.

I felt he exploited innocent Nigerians, discussed this impending issue with my colleagues to know everyone’s opinion.  Someone suggested that when next I see him, I should tell people in the bus not to give him money, How is that possible? I said to them.

In the evening, I spotted this “sophisticated beggar”, He cooked up another story that he was robbed at Obalende bus top, I braved up , ask him some questions, before I knew it, he ran away.

One little advice to fellow youths out there, don’t expect to get that dream job of yours after you graduate from the University.  Don’t get me wrong, some people do immediately after National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). If you are lucky to get a job in line with your profession, small pay, go for it, you never can tell, from that small salary of 40,000 naira to salary of 100,000 naira. The popular saying “A life of leisure and a life of laziness are two things. There will be sleeping enough in the grave”. Laziness is one major issue that youths need to deal with to succeed in life.

By Olubukunola Femi-Dagunro